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First Name: Ahmad

Last name: Hosseini

Date Of Birth: 20 - Feb - 1956

Nationality: Iran

Marital Status: Married - 2 Childrens






(B.Sc - Medical Sciences)                               1978-1982

Iran University Of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran                  


(M.Sc - Medical Sciences)                               1985-1987

University Of Glasgow, UK                                                        


(Ph.D - Embryology)                                       1987-1990

University Of Glasgow, UK    



Dr Ahmad Hosseini has an extensive clinical and scientific background and experience in cell and embryo science, IVF lab design, and supervision. He received his doctorate in Embryology in 1990 from University of Glasgow, UK.


Dr Hosseini started his career in the field of assisted reproduction as a pioneer in 1991, by establishing Royan Institute as the first research institute for reproductive biomedicine and infertility treatments in Iran in corporation with his friends especially the late Dr Saeid Kazemi Ashtiani. Now this institute acts as leader of stem cell research and also one of the best clinics for infertility treatment. Dr Hosseini is also editor in Chief of “The Cell Journal (Yakhteh)” formerly published as “Yakhteh Medical Journal”, which is a quarterly english publication of Royan Institute.


Dr Hosseini has been an active member of several professional organizations, including Iranian Society for Reproductive Medicine (ISRM) and Iranian Society for Anatomical Sciences. He also serves as the chairman of Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Center of Sh. Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.


Dr Hosseini has over 25 years of experience directing IVF laboratories and has been involved in over 10,000 IVF procedures. His clinical teams are well-known for their top success rates, individualized treatment approach and clinical excellence.


The IVF clinics that Dr Hosseiin has directed or been associated with have consistently been in the top 10 nationwide. His IVF clinics around Iran process 1200 cases per year. The practices that he has been involved with have always incorporated the latest techniques and most innovative clinical embryology practices in order to ensure that these centers maximize their outcomes.


He has received numerous awards for his research, including the first annual Razi research festival on medical sciences in 1996 (Scientific award of ministry of health, treatment and education of medical sciences of Iran)


His main interests are in Pre Implantation Embryo Development, Cell and Tissue Cryopreservation and Stem Cell Differentiation Mechanism.